Ashley Rickards teases new season of ‘Awkward’

Skip to Content. A teen attempts to turn the tables on her social adversity by stepping outside her comfort zone and reaching out to others. Stereotypes exist among the high-schoolers nerds, jocks, divas. Popularity is the gauge by which teens’ worth is measured, but its definition changes as the show progresses. Bullying takes the form of verbal abuse as well as cyberbullying and sexting, as when a teen sends out a photo of a classmate’s breasts to humiliate her. Casual sex isn’t uncommon, but some characters experience emotional fallout from it. Teens share personal thoughts through uncensored social media and blogs. Jenna is empathetic, idealistic, and optimistic, and she’s determined to use an unfortunate incident as a catalyst to change her fate. Her mother is cast as the opposite — self-absorbed and image-conscious — but her father offers her more insightful and helpful advice that reflects her personality.

Matty-Jenna Relationship

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Ashley cut a snappy figure in a black leather jacket over a white top, slipping on fitted jeans and added a splash of dazzle with a necklace. Meanwhile G-Eazy tucked his T-shirt into his sweats and accessorized with a baseball cap and a dapper color-block coat. The romance rumors spun into high gear this Thursday when Ashley brought G-Eazy as her date to her sister Shaylene’s intimate wedding. Visit site. Insta Stories footage of the event showed G-Eazy, real name Gerald Earl Gillum, modeling a black suit as he mingled with other attendees.

The duo were first linked last month on the heels of news that Ashley had broken up with her girlfriend of two years Cara Delevingne. Meanwhile: G-Eazy tucked his T-shirt into his sweats and accessorized with a baseball cap and a dapper color-block coat.

High School, That Hilarious Minefield

There’s nothing worse in high school than learning your girlfriend has cheated on you How will the high school hottie deal with the big betrayal? It’s taken Matty two seasons to become mature and be cool with Jenna, and now she’s done this. It’s just so out of the blue. He never saw it coming.

Frankly, the reason I joined MENSA is because I was dating a guy at the time who spoke five Beau Mirchoff’s acting speaks for itself. It just so.

Awkward’s senior year is coming to an end, but the series will live on beyond graduation! The MTV series will jump forward a year to the summer after freshman year for the second half of the final season, TVGuide. On the Set of Awkward: Stars share behind-the-scenes secrets about Matty’s bedroom “This is a great way to reset the table and see how people have changed — or wanted to change — the year they were away,” co-executive producer Mike Chessler tells TVGuide.

Adds co-executive producer Chris Alberghini, “So much changes, everybody comes back a different person. And not everyone will have gone to college and not everyone will have made it through freshman year at college. The time jump helped us come up what we think are satisfying endings for both 5A and 5B. And based on the first look below, it may be a while before Matty tells Jenna the truth.

Instead, he and Sadie Molly Tarlov appear to be prom dates! Does this mean she and Sergio Niko Pepaj are headed for a break-up? Plus: Who’s getting punched and who gets a bootylicious promposal? Watch: Are you excited for Awkward to return? Plus: Scoop on a Major Time Jump! Awkward ‘s senior year is coming to an end, but the series will live on beyond graduation! On the Set of Awkward : Stars share behind-the-scenes secrets about Matty’s bedroom.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Awkward’

While Awkward deals with typical teen issues, it deals with them in a hilarious way and with surprising wit, but also has some surprising darker undertones which make it a lot different than most other shows of the same genre. Awkward also boasts a talented cast of young actors including Ashley Rickards, Beau Mirchoff, Jillian Rose Reed, Greer Grammer, Molly Tarlov and Brett Davern, making it an intriguing and entertaining series even for those who are no longer teens themselves.

Played by Greer Grammer, it is clear the girl has some serious acting chops, and that may be thanks to genetics as she is the daughter of none other than Kelsey Grammer. She was chosen as Miss Golden Globe at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, an honor which goes to the child of a celebrity.

At 24, Beau Mirchoff is far removed from the hallowed halls of high school, but it seldom stops him from reliving those glorious days on MTV’s.

Lots of teen angst ensues. What does that buy you? I went to a school where you had to take an IQ test to attend. But Latin guys are sort of my thing, and he was Latin. I was acting very much like Jenna in season one, honestly. You graduated high school when you were 15 — did you do that so you could act full-time? Yeah, the labor laws and work permits as a minor are pretty complicated. You can only work a certain number of hours. So I just started going through my curriculum at school and began handing in stuff early.

What kind of problem? I had the power to get out of that system and pursue things that I wanted to do and I did that. Is there anything you now feel like you missed out on? I mean, I have no idea what a high school party looks like.

10 Not-So-Awkward Facts About The New MTV Series ‘Awkward.’

Although Awkward’s Jenna might be single at the moment, she’s had her significant share of boyfriends. And recently Jenna Ashley Rickards seems to have reunited with all of them! Photo Diary: Awkward ‘s Beau Mirchoff takes us up close and personal with his co-stars. I’m a lucky girl for the most part. With the MTV show’s final season underway, our guess as to why all five boys were in the same bedroom was to reunite off-camera rather than on. Still, one could dream, right?

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On MTV. All 12 episodes can be streamed, for now, at mtv. One difference could be seen in the opening minutes of the pilot episode, when the Everygirl heroine, a shy soon-to-be-sophomore named Jenna Hamilton Ashley Rickards , happily lost her virginity in a summer-camp broom closet. The question of whether and when to have sex, with all the moralizing that usually entails, was not going to provide the narrative fuel for the show. Perhaps worried about making a quick impact with her first TV show, Ms.

Iungerich loaded Jenna with crises in the pilot.

Awkward season 5 finale postmortem: Inside Matty and Jenna’s reunion

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Brett Davern, left, as Jake with Ashley Rickards as Jenna and Beau Mirchoff as shirtless Matty of MTV’s “Awkward.” (MTV). By Yvonne Villarreal. June 28, I like to date myself. I try to act like I was born in the ’80s, but I.

Anybody else, she could kind of blow off. But hearing it from Matty really cut to her core and, well, we saw how she dealt with it. And then I had the idea that it would be really interesting and funny to see Sadie in something analogous to the situation Jenna was in in the pilot, where Jenna had her broken arm. We talked about ways that Sadie could end up hurting herself.

This is the one that felt right. We felt like Sadie would never be the type of person that would try to kill herself, and also we really wanted to be very gentle about the whole idea of suicide, which is a heavy issue … We wanted Sadie to do something reckless and bratty that she ended up hurting herself and being in a very helpless situation that required her to reevaluate how she got there and if she should change her M.

But then as you get to know the person more, and as you get to have a more realistic viewpoint of your life and of the relationship and what it brings you, you start to be a little more critical. Those things you once found charming and cute, you now find maybe a little bit annoying.

Ask An A-Lister: Beau Mirchoff

Are you ready for some “Awktober” shenanigans?! Throughout the fall season, and in the wake of Jenna’s romance with Collin, she begins to question the stability of her relationship with Matty, and whether her straying is a sign of something deeper. But after a surprise public kiss shakes her world there is no going back.

On-screen, Awkward’s Matty and Jake are best friends, but off-screen, Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern bring a whole new meaning to being Diary​.

OMG, guys. And not to totally hit shuffle on the subject, but poor Jenna also found out that the author behind that hurtful letter that haunted her all season was her own mother. Team Jake duel? AR: I think Matty fans should not be apprehensive about this new season. I have this philosophy that you never fall out of love with somebody, you just let go and move on. And I think at such a young age, Jenna just turned 16, and I think that can be a hard concept to understand.

You see her in a few different lights in one epsiode in every way you can imagine. It was the most fun episode to shoot by far. It was unbelievable. I mean, what is up with Beau being shirtless in these promotional materials. I feel like a perv when people pass by and see them on my desk. But he is so good. In terms of personally, in real life, I mean, I was very sick one day and Brett Davern [who plays Jake] came to my door, brought me Vitamin C and chicken soup and hung out with me and watched TV with me.

Awkward’s Beau Mirchoff: Matty Is Embarrassed and Heartbroken Over Jenna Cheating

Ashley Rickards’ first big break wasn’t her buzz-worthy role on the teen saga One Tree Hill , or even her critically praised gig on the high school hit Awkward , MTV’s flagship comedy series. It was being gifted with a super-high IQ seriously, she’s a Mensa member that allowed her the chance to graduate high school at the ripe age of 15, putting her on the fast track to becoming a silver screen talent. The universe would have its say a few years later as the year-old actress found herself right back in the halls of bullies, backpacks, and more than one type of physical education for the series.

But as she told us, she’s using all of her gifts to inspire other young girls to follow their own paths. Over three seasons, your character, Jenna Hamilton, has toyed with the hearts of three different guys. Is it strange to have so many fictional exes on set?

Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

At 24, Beau Mirchoff is far removed from the hallowed halls of high school, but it seldom stops him from reliving those glorious days on MTV’s critically-acclaimed show Awkward , where his character Matty McKibben engaged in all the gossip, hook-ups, and spicy rounds of Spin the Bottle that make those four years so awkwardly fantastic. While Matty spent the last two seasons afraid to reveal his love for the show’s sweet lead Jenna Hamilton, Beau Mirchoff told us how season three will differ from the seasons before: more honesty, more dance moves, and the same amount of shirtless antics.

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Hot Topic: Beau Mirchoff

Showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler would like to do a sixth season and say most of the cast is game to continue the series, too. Did you see them coming? Chessler previously said it was designed as a series finale, just in case it is the end. Did it feel like one, to you?

However, Jenna’s new-found confidence begins to crumble as she finds things in Palos Hills upended. Starring: Ashley Rickards, Beau Mirchoff, Brett Davern.

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Awkward Questions w/ Brett Davern & Jillian Rose Reed