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Europe’s East-West Divide: Myth or Reality?

European Union EU , international organization comprising 27 European countries and governing common economic, social, and security policies. Originally confined to western Europe , the EU undertook a robust expansion into central and eastern Europe in the early 21st century. The United Kingdom , which had been a founding member of the EU, left the organization in The treaty was designed to enhance European political and economic integration by creating a single currency the euro , a unified foreign and security policy, and common citizenship rights and by advancing cooperation in the areas of immigration, asylum, and judicial affairs.

Map of populous Europe showing physical, political and population characteristics, as per Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The EU originated in Western Europe but has been expanding eastward since the fall of the.

Western Europe stepped up its move to integrate itself both politically and economically in recent years, and noticeable movements were observed from through the first half of This act is aimed at realizing by the end of a territory without internal frontiers in its area, by securing free movements of goods, persons, service and capital. The economic plan envisages accelerating policy formulation by adopting a qualified majority concerning a number of items, instead of the conventional unanimous vote system.

The completion of the integrated EC market means emergence of a huge unified market with a population of million. According to a report of the EC, the completion of the projected integration will bring about great economic effects due to unification and rationalization of its markets stemming from abolition and integration of various regulations as well as promotion of competition, with growth the rate of the EC expected to increase by at least 4. Vitalization of the EC economy will lead to strengthening of the whole of the free economy.

When the actual state of the integration is examined, integration has almost been completed in the fields of agriculture, fishery and commercial policies, but little progress has been made in other areas. The EC has the following schedules for work relating to about items. Abolition of customs fees, unification of animal and plant quarantine, introduction of common EC passports, abolition of immigration control. Unification of standards and certification, mutual recognition of qualification and licenses, common banking business regulations, liberalization of capital transaction.

On the progress of this work, a report issued by the EC Commission and news reports say that the EC Commission submitted to the EC Ministerial Council proposals on about of some items by June , and the Council adopted 91 of the submitted items. At one time, a considerable delay from the initial program was reported in the work, but at present the work seems to be making good progress.

European History: European History Databases at Yale

It is noted that the fragmentation of the political space, which has been one of the features of its changes in recent decades, currently takes place largely due to the emergence of new parties. Based on empirical data presented in the article, the author states that a significant portion of numerous parties created in the region since , make up the parties distinguished by anti-system orientations.

Meanwhile, the article emphasizes the increased analytical complexity of differentiation between systemic and anti-systemic parties, conditioned by changes in the nature of anti-system phenomenon. In the past, the anti-system parties used to oppose the existing political system; nowadays these are the parties that are struggling not against the system but against the policy of systemic consensus uniting the political establishment.

– West European Politics in the Age of Globalization. Hanspeter Kriesi, Edgar third-party internet websites referred to in this book, and does not The origins of this project date back to a hot summer afternoon in collaborators from the Free University of Amsterdam, who also provided us with the key.

This paper addresses the problem of democratic elitism within the context of Western European politics. An entrenched assertion of the so-called elitist theory of democracy is that elites are more strongly committed to democratic values such as political tolerance than are ordinary citizens. The processes through which elites become more tolerant include political socialization, resocialization, political practice, and experience. Some have even argued that elites are the primary carriers of the democratic creed.

Our purpose here is to test several hypothese drawn from elitist theory. Relying on opinion surveys conducted in each of the twelve nations of the European Community in , we focus on political tolerance. Our basic hypothesis is that political activism contributes to greater political tolerance. Special attention is given to a sample of opinion leaders as a test of the elitist theory.

The analysis is conducted both at the level of the individual citizen and the level of the nation state. This is one of very few efforts to test elitist theory from a broad, cross-national perspective. Consequently, the analysis will be crucial in recasting elitist theory to comport more closely with empirical evidence. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

A perfect companion to European politics today, written by the same authors, this book presents past events, prominent personalities, important dates, organisations and electoral information in an accessible, easy-to-read format. The book is split into five sections for ease of use: a dictionary of significant political events, a chronology of major events in Europe since , a biographical dictionary, a dictionary of political organisations and electoral data.

In addition to being a comprehensive reference tool, this book is intended to provide a sound historical background to the development of Western European politics.

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Badaeva annabadaeva mail. The article details the phenomenon of the modern right-wing radicalism in Western Europe. The author identifies the causes and factors which facilitated the transformation of several marginal extreme right movements and parties into a real threat to the European political mainstream. At the same time, the article reveals the latest trends amid the Europe elections right-wing parties have limits on the political scene.

Defeat of Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Timo Soini in Finland for some time will serve as a good reminder across Europe that populism and popularity, democratization of the party image and shifting to the political centre, charismatic leader and even joining the ruling class do not necessarily lead to the real power.

Establishment activation in terms of anti-immigration and Euroskeptic rhetoric as well as party identification lability of modern European voters are clearly impairing far-right parties ratings and items. Just Sweden Democrats and Alternative for Germany are still very successful. However, the voices of far-right parties will hardly be heard in the German Bundestag and in the Sweden Riksdag due to multiplicity of the ruling parliamentary coalitions in these two West European countries.

Eatwell R.

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The party politics of immigration is one of the fastest growing bodies of research within the study of West European politics. Sign in here to access free tools such as favourites and alerts, or to Huber, J, Inglehart, R () Expert interpretations of party space and party locations in 42 Relevance, Date.

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Europe: Human Geography

Find Out. COVID has exposed weaknesses in the global food system. Technology can set the food system on a better course to deliver a healthy economy, people and planet. World Bank Group President David Malpass provides an update about recent developments on issues of debt transparency and sustainability, vaccine and healthcare responses, and others.

Political forces in western Europe before the second world war The modern After this date, only Ireland, with the establishment of the Irish Free State in ​.

Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum will be closed to the public until further notice. More information. But the two superpowers continually antagonized each other through political maneuvering, military coalitions, espionage, propaganda, arms buildups, economic aid, and proxy wars between other nations. But the alliance began to crumble as soon as the war in Europe ended in May Tensions were apparent in July during the Potsdam Conference, where the victorious Allies negotiated the joint occupation of Germany.

The Soviet Union was determined to have a buffer zone between its borders and Western Europe. As the Soviets tightened their grip on Eastern Europe, the United States embarked on a policy of containment to prevent the spread of Soviet and communist influence in Western European nations such as France, Italy, and Greece. During the s, the United States reversed its traditional reluctance to become involved in European affairs. The Truman Doctrine pledged aid to governments threatened by communist subversion.

The Marshall Plan provided billions of dollars in economic assistance to eliminate the political instability that could open the way for communist takeovers of democratically elected governments. France, England, and the United States administered sectors of the city of Berlin, deep inside communist East Germany.

When the Soviets cut off all road and rail traffic to the city in , the United States and Great Britain responded with a massive airlift that supplied the besieged city for days until the blockade was lifted.

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Europe is the second-smallest continent. The name Europe, or Europa , is believed to be of Greek origin, as it is the name of a princess in Greek myth ology. Europe is a peninsula of the Eurasian supercontinent and is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian seas to the south. The link between these peninsulas has made Europe a dominant economic , social, and cultural force throughout recorded history.

Cultural Geography Europe has a long history of human development and is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization.

The African Passport & Free Movement of People.

This page lists many of the databases for Western European history available at Yale. For a complete listing please use the Database search on Quicksearch While the focus is on Western Europe, some resources from Eastern Europe or Britain which might be relevant to students and scholars of Western Europe are included. For Spain and Portugal, please click here. Most of these are licensed resources only available on campus or using VPN.

The page also includes some important resources freely available on the Web. Yale University Library. You can use your browser’s “find” function to search by keyword. Essential site for French digital images and documents.

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